State of Play

Here's a brief overview of the current state of play on the Farthing layouts. Just to recap: The layouts consist of a suite of micros that each show a different section of the same overall station.

The fact that all the layouts are part of the same station helps to define and limit the scope of my modelling (and my purchases!), while still providing scope for variation as there are so many interesting aspects of a station to model.

Three layouts have been conceived so far. They are simple affairs, but all contain a certain operational scope in the form of shunting puzzles. This is important to me, as I would not get full satisfaction from static dioramas. The three layouts are in various stages of progress:

1. The Branch Bay (above) was the first of the layouts, and is complete. It shows the bay platform at Farthing ca. 1904-1908, and draws on selected features from the bays at Newbury station.

2. The Goods Depot (above) is also complete. It shows part of a large goods depot, seen from the inside and looking out. The period is ca. 1900-1908. It mixes features from the old goods depots at Windsor, Reading and Hockley.

3. The Old Yard (above) is under construction. The layout focuses on the remains of the old North & South Junction Railway station at Farthing, long since swallowed up by the GWR and now converted to a secondary good yard. The layout was inspired by arrangements at Stratford on Avon, Witney Goods and Gloucester Old Yard.