Traverser testing

I’ve been testing my somewhat "under-engineered" traverser, and made this little video to show it in operation. It continues to work well, and I now have some faith in the basic concept. I’m in the process
of re-enforcing how the tubes are fixed in the foamboard, but that is more of a pre-emptive move than a result of any actual problems so far. The running is smoother than rendered by the video.

PS: I’m aware of the period inconsistency between loco and wagons, it's all still a work in progress (yes, that famous excuse!).


  1. Always nice to read your blog entries.
    Looks the business to me!
    Seems very smooth and accurate in operation. What sort of linear bearings (if any) did you use?

  2. Hi Frank, yes I'm a little surprised how well it works. There are no bearings, simply aluminium tubes sliding inside larger aluminium tubes. I wrote an entry about it here:

    I may do a mk2 version at some point, built from wood and maybe with linear bearings.

  3. I thought this was very clever when I first saw it on your blog, but now I see that it also works smoothly and impressively. Elegant and effective, I reckon.

  4. Hi Iain and Chas, thanks for your kind comments and apologies for my late reply - I decided to give the internet a break during the summer vacation. Am looking forward to a peaceful operating session with the traverser this evening - family holidays create wonderful memories, but they also tend to require a lot of energy :-)


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