When in danger or in doubt... Progress on the fourth bite

GWR Stables (2): Internet archaeology

Scratchbuilt GWR horsedrawn float

The four phases of modeller's recovery

Zen and the joys of railway modelling

Secrets of the Drawing Office (2)

Secrets of the Drawing Office (1)

Fourth bite: The Stables

Modifying, painting and storing figures

The Finkerbury Files: Secrets of the footplate


GWR large flat dray

Ratkin & Son horse-drawn wagon

Kit-bashed GWR light dray

Porters and Barrows

Lamps and Lamplighters

Buffer stops, point levers, fishplates, loading gauge, wall

Same but different - early 1900s GWR wagons

Pre-grouping livery clippings

GWR Park Royal stable block

Backdating the Oxford Rail Dean Goods (1)

GWR 4 plank Open with DC1 brakes

GWR stables (1): Towards an overview

GWR Iron Mink vans

Fake news and wagons sheets

Midland Railway D299 Open

Mr Gorbachev, tear down this wall

Agricultural merchant's warehouse

GWR 1854 Saddle Tank (2)

A shed and a lock-up

The Biscuit Shed

Rising from slumber

The honourable slipper boy - Part 3

The honourable slipper boy - Part 2

The honourable slipper boy - Part 1

Andrew Stadden 4mm figures

Fire iron hooks

Shiny domes and safety valve covers

GWR 1854 Saddle Tank (1)

LSWR stone wagon

Small crates and tea chests

Progress on "The sidings"

What really happened in the Cuban missile crisis

SDJR Road Van

Barrels, baskets, bales