Parcels van and coal trolley

Here are a couple of horse-drawn vehicles for "The bay".

This GWR parcels van is based on No. 131, representing a type introduced in the 1890s. The horse is not actually tap dancing - it only looks that way! Anyway, this is a Langley kit, and went together reasonably well with no major hitches. The instructions are good and include detail on the paint scheme.

The completed parcels van on "The bay". The lettering on the van is based on photos from the period (including the use of different fonts), and drawn up in Word with a brown background to match the van colour. It was then printed on thin paper and stuck to the van side. This shot is ruthless but from a normal viewing distance it looks OK. The poster is an original GWR example from 1907, reduced to scale size and printed.

A Coal-merchant's trolley from Shirescenes. The kit also includes price boards and scales, the latter being a rather nice touch. I had a spot of trouble fitting the axles to the correct ride-height, as this seemed counter-intuitive and the instructions are a bit vague in this respect. But other than that, a nice kit to build.

The trolley installed on "The bay". I eventually decided to modify it a bit and just have it as a simple flat vehicle.