Platform trolleys and barrows

I've been enjoying myself assembling a variety of 4mm trolleys and barrows for Farthing.

Platform trolleys from Coopercraft, with loads from the Monty's range. The one with the milk churns is a bit of a cliché I'm afraid, but I can't help liking it and it was a very common sight it seems. The heavy load of luggage on the other trolley belongs to the party of Mr and Mrs Longbottom. They have yet to discover that the maid has forgotten to pack their pajamas.

These are from the Monty's/Dart Castings range and were a simple and pleasant build. I've always liked the barrow type in particular, which has such a rustic look to it. I initially thought the luggage trucks looked a bit too modern for Edwardian times, but they do seem to appear in photos from the period. Since I bought these kits I've discovered that Langley have a pack of etched brass kits for what appears to be the same prototypes (kit # F129, packed with some station seats, see it here). However I decided to stick with the whitemetal ones, in order to maintain consistency of thickness with the other platform fittings and vehicles.

The handcart on the left is of an early GPO type, but will play the part of a GWR cart until I come across a model of a specific GWR prototype (if anyone knows of a kit, please do get in touch). My version of the kit came from Monmouth models, but I believe it is now available from PD Marsh. Looks like I still need to clear off some flash! The wheelbarrow also came from Monmouth.

Here are some of the finished items in situ at Farthing:

I have yet to find a detailed study of the trolleys and barrows used by the GWR, although photos of platforms usually show some interesting examples. There's also a nice little assembly of photos of trolleys and barrows in Vol 2 of Stephen Williams' "Great Western Branchline Modelling", although these appear to be taken in the latter years of the company.