Sketches of´"The depot"

Here's a first attempt to visualize "The depot", drawn with the Sketchup programme. As mentioned earlier, it will be constructed within an Ikea "Snackbox". The scenic part will be raised to allow ample room for electrics etc in the space underneath. I've used the same principle as on "The bay", where the viewing side is opposite of what you'd normally do. The idea is to increase the sense of being "inside" the scene, rather than viewing it from a distance.

So we're standing inside the shed and looking at the last couple of platforms ("decks"), with an opening to the cartage platform and yard in the background. Hopefully the wagons moving back and forth on the reception siding in the yard will help add to the sense of depth.

Sadly there won't be any horseboxes on the real thing - these are just to give an impression as I couldn't find any vans and wagons. Thanks to ngauge kid and wild goose for posting some GWR stock on the Sketchup site.

It will be important to ensure that plenty of light enters the depot, or it may appear a bit dark and dull. These skylights are just an example, I'll want to look closer at prototype examples.

If things work out I'm hoping for some interesting play of light, with light coming in from above but also from the opening to the yard. The windows in the side are wishful thinking at this point, but I might cut a hole in the side of the Snackbox to allow light to enter this way also.

A view of the small section of the yard at the back, with reception siding and horse drawn carriages etc. This could become cramped if I don't take care - but a light ground cover and the "less is more" approach can hopefully help avoid that.

A view from the yard side with the backscene removed. The backscene can easily be dismantled, so I'm considering making the layout viewable from this side also on occasion. That would require an alternative backscene which shows the rest of the depot behind the viewable platforms. Perhaps a photo of a depot scene, or even the old mirror trick (although how to do away with the duplication when shunting stock?).