Dusting off the cobwebs

Forget glacial progress, this is more like continental drift. After a good start, work on “The depot” has been all but stalled since spring. But with working hours beginning to look more reasonable again, I took the plunge and dug out the layout in the basement today. See if you can spot the layout in the photo above! Funny how I can spend days working on some minute detail of a layout - only to abandon the whole thing for months afterwards in a remote corner of the basement. But that's the nice thing about hobbies: They're always there, waiting patiently, unlike everything else in our lives :-)

Found it! Dr Livingstone I presume?

Next, locate the workbench! I blame Ikea for this, almost all the clutter in this photo is from there!

Right, so where were we? The only real progress over the summer has been cutting out the brick sheets in order to dress the inside and outside of the main foamboard structure.

I originally planned to use Slater’s English bond for the job, but then noticed Jim s-w’s comment that the SE Finecast brick sheets give an older more rounded appearance to the bricks. Thanks for the tip, Jim. A further advantage is that the bricks will match the embankment brick walling on "The bay" - also from SEF.

The sheets measure 14" x 9". Lengthwise, that’s not quite enough for the depot, so the necessary joins were concealed using this simple old trick.

I’m now fitting the cut-out sheets to both sides of the foam-board base, a satisfying job.