Bunker first (1927)

Farthing is normally set in 1907, but a while ago I decided to give my “out of period” stock a bit more attention by doing dedicated operating sessions for alternative time periods. Yesterday was “1927” day, and here are a few shots. Above, “Small Metro” No. 1492 runs bunker first during shunting operations in “The bay”. The loco features the enclosed cab and Collett style bunker with which many of the older tank locos were fitted in the 1920s.

Driver Henry Pulling trying to get a good view as he backs into the siding with a four-wheel Siphon C. The loco is from a SE Finecast kit, but the builder is unknown as this is a restoration job like many of my locos. Not exactly a glass case model, and yet it's the kind of loco I like: Plenty of character and a good runner.

A rather cruel close-up, but H. Pulling comes across well enough. Actually he is HO, being a modified Preiser figure. I find these useful for fitting in cramped cabs because of their smaller height.

By this time, our driver is clearly struggling with neck pains and it's time to say goodbye. As will be rather obvious from this last image, I am experimenting with low-cost photo-editing software at the moment, as my current solution is getting a bit outdated. But the results are rather mixed so far, so it looks like I'm best off saving up for Photoshop or similar.