Undecided sky (1867)

More "out of period" operation here. This time going back in time quite a bit. In fact, it seems they didn't even have flush-glazing back then...

The year is 1867, and it is early days at Farthing station. Mr Crummles gently guides his wife towards the first class carriage, while Mr Doyce looks on in anticipation of the journey ahead.

Mrs Crummles is somewhat apprehensive. It is only a few months since that dreadful accident at Warrington, and who knows what could happen?

Meanwhile Mr Doyce, ever the optimist, studies the magnificent engine that will be whisking them to Salisbury. For him there was never any doubt: These fine machines have forever changed the world!

Plucking up her courage, Mrs Crummles asks her husband one last time if he is quite sure that it is safe to get on?

While the last passengers finally board the afternoon departure, an undecided sky develops over Farthing. For worriers and optimists alike, the future seems uncertain but exciting.