Midland Railway D299 Open

Earlier this year it was pointed out to me that the Midland Railway D299 opens were built in such large numbers that they appeared in almost any pre-grouping goods yard at some point.

Since then I have noticed them in several photos of GWR goods yards, and so I dug out my Slater's kit for this diagram.

I seemed to have an elderly version of the kit,  with some rather bleak looking sides and floor...

...so I scribed on some planking detail.

For the rest of the build I followed Compound's excellent description over on RMweb, including removal of the number and build plates, as prototype photos show them positioned in another place.

In primer...

...and painted. The MR transfer sheet I have is from Fox, and it doesn’t provide for the number plates so I found a photo of another MR wagon on the web, cropped out the numberplate and worksplate and photoshopped them to suit.

As usual the camera exposes all the little detail issues. The door patch should only have 4 bolts, the 3-links should be blackened, etc. I'm happy with it though. Thanks to Compound for the help on this build.