Porters and Barrows

These days 4mm modellers have an excellent choice of figures from Model-U, Andrew Stadden and Dart Castings - but there's always room for a bit of tinkering! So here are some porters for Farthing Old Yard, modified and pieced together from various sources. The figures have all been attached to something - e.g. a barrow - as I find this helps "integrate" them once placed on the layout.

Our first subject mixes a Dart Castings body with an Andrew Stadden head and arm. The barrow is a Shirescenes kit.

Below is another Dart Castings/Andrew Stadden combo. The wheelbarrow is a modified Springside kit:

Next is this gentleman, a modified Andrew Stadden figure that I bent forward in pursuit of a more casual pose:

The chap below was made from various Andrew Stadden parts, including his useful loco crew "kit". The basket is from an old Preiser kit:

Next is a modified Airfix 1:72 figure with an Andrew Stadden head. The Airfix figures proved a rather difficult material to work with:

The porter below was built from a mix of body parts from Andrew Stadden figures. The barrow is a modified Langley kit:

Lastly a few shots of the "accessories", including some equipment for my lamplighters: