Zen and the joys of railway modelling

What goes through a modeller’s mind? 'Very little', my wife would say, and she’s not far off!  Am I the only one who enters a Zen-like state of mind when operating the layouts?

It begins like this. You decide to run some trains, forget all the worries. Get the gear out, set up on the dining table.

The engine purrs into life, pulls a train off the traverser. You get down to eye level, begin to dream. What if there was something else behind those windows?

Distant spires maybe?

Lots of spires!

Then even that melts away, and you enter a world of dreamy blue skies.

Floating freely…

…in an uncomplicated world…

…where time…


…and the light…

…is mellow.

Peace, man.

Then reality kicks in.

It seems I’m expected to lay the table.

Ah well! 😄