Scenery & Track


Park Royal Stable Block

GWR stables - an overview

A shed and a lock-up

The biscuit shed

Merchant's warehouse

A roof for the depot

The treachery of images

Progress on the goods depot

Mezzanine floor

Kit-bashed roof structure

Simple structures for the bay


Lamps and lamplighters
Stops, levers, plates...
A tall bird from Paddington
Cranes for the goods depot
Signs, posters, adverts

Horse-drawn vehicles

GWR large flat dray

Ratkin & Son wagon

Kit-bashed GWR light dray

GWR Horse-drawn trolley

GWR 5 ton lorry

Parcels van & coal trolley


Fun with crates

Barrels, baskets, bales


Porters and Barrows

Andrew Stadden figures

Backdated Monty's figures


Trees for Farthing, Mk1

Track and traversers

Comparing track

Experiments with C+L track

Track panels

Laying track

Shoulders of giants

Underlay and ballast 

Flight of the Bumblebee

The Bumblebee Mk2