Scenery & Track


Park Royal Stable Block

GWR stables - an overview

A shed and a lock-up

The biscuit shed

Merchant's warehouse

A roof for the depot

The treachery of images

Progress on the goods depot

Mezzanine floor

Kit-bashed roof structure

Simple structures for the bay


Lamps and lamplighters
Stops, levers, plates...
A tall bird from Paddington
Cranes for the goods depot
Signs, posters, adverts

Horse-drawn vehicles

GWR large flat dray

Ratkin & Son wagon

Kit-bashed GWR light dray

GWR Horse-drawn trolley

GWR 5 ton lorry

Parcels van & coal trolley

Horsedrawn GWR float


Fun with crates

Barrels, baskets, bales


Porters and Barrows

Andrew Stadden figures

Backdated Monty's figures


Trees for Farthing, Mk1

Track and traversers

Comparing track

Experiments with C+L track

Track panels

Laying track

Shoulders of giants

Underlay and ballast 

Flight of the Bumblebee

The Bumblebee Mk2